Secure Your Smartphones Now

Lock Your Phone

Anyone in your immediate vicinity can get their hands on your phone and view everything in it. Prevent them from doing so by setting up a lock code. This could be a numeric PIN, a longer password, a pattern, or a similar form of smartphone security.

Shield Your Browser

Websites often get information from your browser to present relevant ads. You can stop them from doing so by clicking the “Do Not Track” check box on Chrome, Safari, or your favorite preferred mobile browser. There is no guarantee that the sites will honor your wish but some of them will.

man using his smartphone

Block Your Number

When we call businesses for inquiries, our numbers may get added into their database. They could then sell it to other businesses or use it in some way to maximize their profits. You can avoid this by blocking your number so that it doesn’t appear on their end. You can also consider using Google Voice instead for your outgoing calls.

Use Called ID

Calls from unknown numbers can be suspicious. Sometimes it’s someone you know using a new number or borrowing a friend’s phone in case of an emergency. At other times, it’s just a random telemarketer who is out to sell you stuff or check if a human will pick up. Get a Caller ID to learn their identity and not get tricked.

Install a Recovery App

Our phones can be misplaced, dropped, forgotten, or stolen. By the time we realize it’s missing, it may already be far away. Installing a recovery app will help in tracking it down using GPS. The device may also be locked remotely to prevent anyone from accessing files.


Provide Contact Information

In case a good Samaritan was able to find your phone, it would be easier for her to return it if you left your contact information. Just be careful about what you provide. Your first name and a contact number will suffice.

Be Mindful of Your Device

Keep your phone in a secure location that others can’t physically reach like an inner pocket in your jacket or bag. Don’t call attention to your prized phone and keep a tight grip if you have to take it out.