Home Devices for Your Safety

Your home has a lot of chances that it will be burgled by Australian authority. Of course, that may be because more homeowners are away, or leave their patio doors and windows open to cool the house down. Although it’s impossible to completely deter burglars, these home security technology ideas and products can increase your chances of keeping the bad guys away.

Track Who Is Coming and Going

The small but effective Netatmo Welcome web security camera relies on facial recognition technology to help keep your home and family safe. The $199 camera will let you know if someone unwanted has entered your home, or it’s just the kids returning from school.

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Watch Those Blind Spots

You can monitor all the blind spots around the outside of your home with the Arlo Wire-Free Security System from Netgear. Starting at about $179 for the basic kit, you get infrared night vision, high definition video, an adjustable motion detector and a battery lasting up to six months.

Lighting Up the Door Bell

For about $199, BeON LED Bulbs will turn on a powerful light whenever someone rings your doorbell, regardless of whether you are home or not. It’s a great way to scare away unwanted visitors, and the system also allows you to turn lights on and off when you aren’t home.

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Check Your Front Door Remotely

The $229 Apple Home Kit allows you to add another layer of security to your front door by installing a Bluetooth enabled deadbolt. The product also allows you to check that everything is locked and secure when you go to bed.

A Safer Shed

For only $89, the Master Lock Wide Bluetooth Smart Padlock can protect your shed, an often overlooked part of your home. The strong lock connects to an app on your phone and can be locked and unlocked remotely, and you can add approved users to it, in case your neighbor ever wants to borrow the lawnmower.

Motion Sensors

Get alerts on your smartphone if motion is detected in your home, with the SmartThings Motion Sensor; prices start as low as $40.